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280613 baby yang wore the SnapBack I gave him personally. ❤

Jeremy, a precocious two year-old boy with a beautiful heart and a vibrant spirit, He loves to run, jump, play, dance and sing. Always curious and eager to share new things that he’s learned or discovered. Jeremy was recently diagnosed with a rare form of AML (Acute myeloid leukemia). He needs a bone marrow transplant, but a match hasn’t been found. The search for a donor is urgent. You can be the one to save a life. Jeremy Needs You. 

Journey with Jeremy by visiting the following websites:
HOW YOU CAN HELP:1. REGISTERPatients are most likely to find a matching donor within the same racial and ethnic group. Since Jeremy is Chinese, his match will most likely to be Chinese or Asian. You will be joining the National Be The Match Registry and will be listed until 61 years old. You might be able to match with Jeremy or any other 10,000 searching patients. Visit www.aadp.org/drive2. SET UP A DRIVEIf you would like to set up a drive at churches, temples, corporations, schools, networking events, family gatherings or festivals, please connect us with your contact. All we need is a small space with 3 tables and 10 chairs. Please email michelle@aadp.org or ruby@aadp.org to inquire!3.VOLUNTEERWe always need volunteers to help out at drives. Please message us via Jeremy’s Facebook page or comment on this video if you’re available to help.4. SPREAD THE WORDYou can also help by spreading the word about Jeremy through your social networks. Even if you don’t know a match, someone you know could. #JeremyNeedsYou5. MAKE A DONATIONYou could also help by donating to the AADP. The total cost to add a new member to the Be The Match Registry is $100. This includes the cost of the testing needed to match donors to searching patients and related costs. It doesn’t matter how much you donate — every little bit helps. To donate, please visit: http://aadp.org/give/

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